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Do You Really Need A Customs Broker?

Clearing goods from the customs department is a significant concern of majority of exporters and importers. Not many can carry out this task efficiently and in time. The importance of customs brokers is felt right then when a shipment gets stuck by the authorities or the CBP. To overcome such situations, you can work with locally-licensed brokers that can help you with all clearance procedures and paperwork. Today, the majority of importers and exporters rely upon the customs brokers to clear their shipments.

How can brokers help you?

The importers and exporters need to deal with a lot of paperwork before transporting their shipments and clearing their goods. This is the time when the need of a knowledgeable broker arises. The brokers submit all the necessary documents and the transaction records on the behalf of their client. Apart from this, they carefully furnish all the required information related to the origin of the shipment and its destination, the details of the suppliers and the classification of goods. 

Here are some specific tasks that brokers perform:

  • Evaluating all the products and goods that need to be cleared through the customs and if they comply with all the necessary regulations of the department.
  • Registering all the goods entry with the customs department.
  • Generating a mode of electronic entry of goods consignments as per the requirements stated by the customs bodies.
  • Ensuring that the goods and the consignments are cleared rapidly by the department after verifying the documents and following up with them at regular intervals.
  • Providing copies of customs entrance and clearance to the parties, including the receipts of the duties and taxes paid for the clearance.

Is outsourcing the brokerage a good solution?

The brokers help you with the documentation or clear your customs and ensure that you are compliant with all the guidelines of the clearance. They will guide you about all the country-specific regulations and keep you away from paying unnecessary taxes and penalties. Outsourcing the brokerage will help you save up your costs while efficiently completing the processes. They will also help you with specific functions like:

  • Generation of B3 forms
  • HS classification services
  • Processing services of invoices
  • eManifest services
  • Separation and indexing of filed entries

Hiring a Clearit Custom Broker will help you with all the services listed above and beyond that.