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EXANTE Review: Platform’s Legitimacy and Functionality

Looking for a trustworthy broker with a powerful and versatile platform to support your trading? There are many crucial points that should be considered before you deposit your funds. Customer support, licenses, financial products, and access to markets are only some of the criteria that should be assessed before making such a serious decision.

Here, in this report, you will find how EXANTE, a global broker supporting individual and corporate traders with robust software, meets stringent requirements for financial services.

Who Can Use EXANTE?

EXANTE is a broker that caters its services to the needs of different investors and traders. Its rich functionality is sufficient to equip both individuals and organizations with all the necessary tools for a seamless trading experience. The broker does not impose any limitations on the type of customers it accepts. You can use EXANTE if you are:

  • A private investor looking for a powerful platform to improve your trading;
  • An asset or wealth manager who needs a solution for managing multiple client accounts and robust reporting features;
  • A private financial agency assisting high-net-worth groups with professional investment services;
  • A representative of a financial institution that requires reliable and easily deployable trading software to facilitate trading and regulatory compliance.

Financial Limitations

The major constraints you may experience while setting up your EXANTE account are related to the minimum funding requirements.

For Basic accounts, EXANTE requires individual customers to deposit at least 10,000 EUR/GBP. For corporate representatives, the minimum deposit is 50,000 EUR/GBP at the time of publication.

Demo Accounts

Despite this policy, EXANTE offers traders virtually unlimited access to the demo version of its platform, which can be used to get acquainted with the interface and tools and practice trading in general.

To leverage this option, simply sign up for the EXANTE platform. There are no requirements for funding your account or providing documents, which allows you to start exploring EXANTE’s platform immediately.

By default, the broker will provide you with a virtual capital of €1,000,000, which can be customized by consulting EXANTE’s customer support.

Note that this option has limited access to exchanges. Additionally, despite EXANTE’s reporting of updated market data in Demo mode, there still will be at least a 30-minute delay.

What Can You Trade with EXANTE?

EXANTE is a platform supporting advanced trading, offering a vast array of possibilities.

Designed to be your gateway to over 50 markets, EXANTE allows you to trade more than a million financial products across various categories, including stocks, ETFs, bonds, options, futures, funds, currencies, and metals.

China-based HKEX, Japan’s TOCOM, Switzerland’s SIX, Belgium’s EURONEXT, the US NASDAQ, and New Zealand’s NZX are just some of the exchanges you can access through your multi-currency EXANTE trading account.

EXANTE’s Proofs of Legitimacy

The legitimacy of a broker is a significant concern for traders. The most definitive proof of a broker’s reliability is the licenses issued by governmental agencies.

EXANTE’s Licenses

EXANTE has been licensed by four reputable governmental institutions:

  • The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);
  • The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (SFC);
  • The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC);
  • The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

To earn licenses from the latter two organizations, EXANTE had to comply not only with the regional requirements in Malta and Cyprus but also meet the general industry standards enforced by MiFID II, the EU directive regulating markets in financial instruments.

Due to EXANTE’s commitment to maintain full transparency, anyone can check the details of these licenses in the respective registries.

EXANTE’s Awards

Not only is EXANTE internationally licensed, but it has also earned prestigious awards for the quality of its services.

For instance, the “BEST Trading and Investment Solution Provider UK 2023” is one of the three 2023 awards granted to EXANTE by Gazet International, a prominent business and financial news magazine.

The same year, EXANTE won two Ethical Finance Awards from Wealth & Finance International, a reputable finance news outlet. This organization recognized EXANTE as “Best Multi-Asset Financial Services Firm 2023” and granted its team the title of “Global Capital Market Access Experts of the Year 2023.”

In 2021, EXANTE was also the winner of the “Best Broker Digital Award” from the Digital Investment Company Awards.

EXANTE holds numerous awards from other organizations, including Financial Adviser, European Business Magazine, and the Global Banking & Finance Review magazine.

User Experience

The vast range of tools and configurations provided by EXANTE may appear a bit overwhelming for beginning traders, but this is where the broker’s Demo account comes in handy. You can practice trading with EXANTE without risking your money until you feel confident enough to make your first investment.

The broker also provides its customers with comprehensive learning materials and is ready to answer any questions or assist with any issues. Its responsive customer support team is available 24/7 through a variety of channels, including email, phone, and chat.

To further enhance the experience of its users, EXANTE has adapted its platform to different devices and operating systems. At press time, traders preferring to work on their PCs can access EXANTE from Windows, Linux, and macOS, while those who need to trade on the go can install a dedicated Android or iOS mobile app.

Is EXANTE Worth It?

If you are looking for a broker with a rich trading offer, a functional and robust platform, and an exceptional reputation, EXANTE is a good option to consider. While its software has been developed to support advanced traders, the Demo version of EXANTE makes it easier for beginners to start their trading journey.

EXANTE will take care of collecting and visualizing real-time data and enabling flawless customization and execution of your trading orders, allowing you to focus on capturing dynamic financial opportunities.