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Top 5 Locations for Vending Machines

When it comes to your healthy vending machines, finding the perfect location might seem like a daunting task. There’s a lot to factor into consideration—foot traffic, hours of operation, easy access to the building, as well as machine placement inside the building—but these five options are always a great place to find hungry customers just waiting for a snack. 

  1. Schools 

Schools can be an ideal location, thanks to a consistent and frequently hungry population. Some students may be craving a little something to eat while others may just need a small boost of energy to get through the day. Students, staff and teachers who forgot their lunch or simply don’t have time to wait in long cafeteria lines find a quick stop at a healthy vending machine to be both convenient and nutritious. Common areas such as hallways, cafeterias and break rooms offer great placement for healthy vending machines inside schools. 

  1. Hospitals and Medical Clinics  

With the rush that consistently fills medical clinics and hospitals, staff is constantly hurried and in need of sustenance to maintain the hectic pace. Having a healthy vending machine located on-site allows employees to get quick, yet filling and nutritious snacks, drinks and meals on-the-go as they endure long shifts. Medical staff tends to recognize the health benefits of eating cleaner, healthier food choices as well, so having healthy vending machines will allow them to make responsible choices as they pick snacks and drinks. In many hospitals and medical clinics, family members and friends are left waiting in the lobby for long hours while their loved ones are receiving care. Healthy vending machines provide them with easy access to clean food and drinks while they wait.  

  1. Manufacturing Facilities  

A near-constant stream of employees working through all hours of the day makes manufacturing facilities and warehouses great locations for healthy vending machines. Busy assembly line employees often don’t have enough time to leave the site for lunch, and dining options are limited for those working swing and graveyard shifts. Having a healthy vending machine on-site provides workers with a wide option of delicious and nutritious meals and snacks that can give them the energy to get through their shifts.  

  1. Car Dealerships  

Healthy vending machines are perfect for salespeople, mechanics and customers alike. Having access to healthy and delicious snacks helps with clear-headedness and can help prevent “hangry” interactions between customers and employees. Many customers must wait for long periods of time while their car is being repaired, so having access to snacks can improve both their mood and their patience. With healthy snacks, mechanics can focus better and complete each repair with their very best work. And salespeople who enjoy the snacks will have energy to be more friendly and engaged with their clients.  

  1. Hotels 

Just about everyone loves a late-night snack and when you’re staying in a hotel, there might not be another way to get one. There may only be access to fast food and after a long flight or road trip, travelers may simply prefer a healthy snack or drink over junk food. Healthy YOU Vending provides snacks and drinks that guests can enjoy around the clock. The optional SmartMart Side Vendor can provide even more healthy and hearty options. Placing your vending machine in the lobby or by the ice machine on each floor is a great way to get foot traffic to your machine consistently.  

Additional Location Ideas

From high-volume office buildings and airports to smaller locations with a lot of foot traffic such as dance and gymnastics studios, there are so many viable options for healthy vending machine locations. Where you place your Healthy YOU Vending inside the building is also an important consideration. Entryways, waiting areas, lobbies and breakrooms are always great places to put a machine where they will get regular foot traffic.