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Different Pallet Inverter Types for Efficiency and Productivity 

Pallet inverters are free-standing or incorporate machinery used to invert loaded pallets. The basic uses of pallet tilters are –

  • The exchange between wooden & plastic pallets.
  • Remove & replace damaged pallets
  • Remove damaged sacks at the bottom of the loaded pallet.
  • Invert or rotate the product for storing properly even in tight spaces.
  • Even used to invert items not stored on wooden or plastic pallets like support boards, containers, slip sheets, vessels, etc.

The use of pallet changers differs from one sector to another. You can adjust the equipment to handle different loads like handling the fragile product carefully and heavy products with the necessary force and keeping it stable during tilts.

Top Industries offer a wide selection of pallet inverter models. It doesn’t matter, what sector your company belongs to the pallet inverters from Top industries will 100% exceed your expectations in terms of performance and durability.

Different types of pallet inverters

You will find many pallet inverters designed to handle different movement needs, weights, and supply chain requirements. When you go in search of pallet changer equipment then you need to consider your usage extent and needs. Different models offer diverse clamp pressures and loading capacities.

Single clamp – SC pallet inverters are user-friendly, adjustable clamp pressures, available in different load heights, and can be operated with a manual lever or push buttons without leaving the forklift. For a business that needs a simple yet effective tilting machine then this is a quality solution but for heavy lifting, you can consider the dual clamp model.

Dual clamp – It is the best option for inbound load moving that comprises of different container and package sizes and types. The DC model offers a smooth transition because of more balanced gravity. It is an ideal solution for transporting sensitive pharmaceutical and chemical products.

Ramp loading inverters – It is intended to handle hard-to-handle materials. Clamping force is intense, so is perfect for moving commercial printers and corrugated pipes. The inverter works with ramps at 6 ft. to 8 ft. and is great for newspaper, high gloss materials, and plastic sheets supplements.

Stainless steel pallet tilting inverters – These models are equipped with a moveable sidewall that cradles products and averts separation. You can tilt and transfer combos and boxes without concerns about damages. A great model for companies involved in high sanitary standards. Key areas of the unit are made using stainless steel that doesn’t corrode and is easy to clean.

Portable pallet inverters – These are ideal for loading the docks. You can easily move the equipment across the warehouse. The unit has an interlock device, which offers safety to the operators while moving and even during operation.

Custom pallet inverters – In case any of the above doesn’t suit your needs then consider a customized pallet tilter. It is built from a scratch based on your unique specifications. Customization options can include extended width & length, changes in load capacities, and including pallet grippers or wide baskets.

Top Industries has an official YouTube presence, where potential clients can view how the pallet inverters work and what safety measures to practice.