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Disastrous Data Center Mistakes to Avoid

It is believed that constructing data centers are a race against time as well as monetary resources. Every architect has the goal of completing the construction within stipulated time and budget and hence they try focusing on short-term goals. This leads centers to cripple up in the long run. This also results in failures that cost larger re-investments of money and efforts. To prevent this, one must have a full-proof plan to begin working with and this is how they can prevent these most common mistakes from happening.

Failing to perform infrastructure assessment

This assessment helps the architects know about the exact housing location of the center. They are going to understand in detail about the existing facility, about the new colocation center, or an installation of a modular unit. The potential applications of the center are scanned and the connectivity requirements are understood. A backup blueprint is very necessary in these cases as it defines the connections, power requirements, and topography of the system. The most significant mistake before constructing the center is to not have this detailed assessment.

Having unclear project leadership

Every data center or any construction requires a chain of commands. There are clearly defined areas of responsibility to not complicate the process. In data center construction multiple stakeholders are involved, like the owner, the IT staff, the contractors and facility managers. Each one of them has separate assigned responsibilities and they have certain objectives to meet. As an architect, you must know who the final authority is and then begin working, to avoid miscommunication. 

Miscalculating cost of ownership

When the designs are changed, it ultimately impacts the bottom line. You must consider the total cost of ownership as a reference figure to the immediate construction costs. You also need to bring capital costs, operating expenses and energy consumption into accountability. Miscalculations lead to change in profit and loss statements.

Choosing sites before design finalization

There are certain spatial parameters that the data centers need to meet. It is imperative to choose the site even before the design has been finalised. The characteristics of the site locations have a major impact in establishing how well functioning the center will be. If the design does not fit the space, you need to start again from scratch and refabricate the components.

When hiring Stendel Reich data center architecture team, you can remain sure of the fact that none of the above mistakes will be committed at your site.