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Importance Of Setting Up Usage Guidelines For Thread Gauges And Thread Taps


Thread gauges and thread taps are the most frequently replaced and purchased tools in any manufacturing unit. If you are a product manufacturing company, you are very likely to be having threaded components in your products which also need to be manufactured inhouse. Just because the need to be sourced frequently or purchased frequently it does not mean that you can be careless when handling them. 

If you are careless when using your trapezoidal thread tap and thread gauge you are likely to run into series of issues. You are likely to replace them more frequently than you should. This is because careless handling of these tools will result in faster damages to them. Instead of replacing them for wear and tear reasons you would be replacing them because of the damages to the tools. 

To minimize such damages to your trapezoidal thread gauge and the thread tap, you must establish clear usage guidelines. Your technicians should be instructed clearly to follow those guidelines without any exception. It is important that the usage guidelines take into account the usage best practices. Firstly, the thread gauge and the thread tap should always be cleaned before use. It does not matter how many times you use the tool every week, before you use the tool it must be cleaned without fail. 

Similarly, the tool should also be cleaned after every use. If the thread tapping tool and the inspection tool are not cleaned regularly before and after use then it will damage the tool profile. Given the nature of these tools and the situations in which they would be used, they are bound to have residual metal deposits, bur, oil and grease. If the tools are stored without any cleaning, then the tool profile would be corroded. Similarly, when you use these tools with the residual deposits mentioned above then the entire operation will be affected. 

In case of thread gauges, you should remember to always store the tools in labelled sheaths. This will prevent mixing up of thread gauges of different sizes and thereby exerting undue force while inspecting the components which will damage the thread gauges subsequently. Only when strict protocols are established with respect to the use of thread gauges and their storage, you will be able to minimize the damages resulting from careless handling. 

All the above measures and efforts are well within your capacity. You could easily control the damage levels and you could make these tools serve their fullest lifespan before prematurely changing them. The idea here is to use these tools for as long as possible effectively without any accuracy related issues. On the long run this will minimize the frequency at which the tools are required to be replaced. If you want to save money on purchasing your thread gauges pay attention to the above factors. Getting the lowest quotes alone will not help you save money but taking good care of the tools is also equally important.