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Four Easy Ways to Improve Your On Premise Laundry Business

To thrive in such a competitive industry, effective laundromats must find ways to set themselves apart. Even if a laundromat has the perfect combination of location, setting, and ambiance, it will struggle to retain customers if its washing machines and dryers are old and inefficient. Improving efficiency is a group endeavor that requires input from your employees and customers. An efficient Continental Girbau commercial laundry room can help the environment and improve the user’s experience. Read on for some tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your on-premise washer and dryer. By making the following changes, you can improve your productivity and efficiency.

Location matters

Adding a vended laundromat to your portfolio is a great strategy to diversify and improve your annual income. Vended laundries always have a good return on investment, with owners reporting 20–35% returns. Location is crucial to the success of any laundry establishment.  The ideal spot for a laundromat would be in a highly visible area with easy access to parking. Also, look for companies that go after the same customers as yours. Locations in strip malls with a grocery store, auto parts store, and a check cashing service are preferable to stand-alone buildings, but both are fine.  It’s important to research the level of competition around any prospective locations. Investigate the competition by visiting the neighborhood’s existing laundromats and multi-unit laundry facilities.

Update or get new equipment

Laundry equipment is the first step in making your commercial laundry room more productive. Having access to state-of-the-art high-quality and eco-friendly washer and dryer machines, as well as commercial iron equipment, is essential for maximum productivity. The time and money saved doing laundry with more efficient machines is well worth the investment. Some high-tech variants even let you regulate how much water they consume, while others can spot water leaks in advance and alert you. These additions can help you save time, money, and water. It’s crucial to have professionals on call in case of an emergency, especially if your technology is dated or a little outdated. Service calls from local technicians are more convenient for you because they are familiar with your setup.

Keep up with maintenance

Keeping up with routine maintenance on your commercial laundry machines is essential to maintaining a productive laundry. Regular maintenance of your laundry equipment helps you spot potential problems before they become costly breakdowns. Cleaning the equipment thoroughly and wiping down their exteriors are both part of preventative maintenance. Open washer doors between uses to let the basin’s air dry and prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This advice not only extends the life span of your laundry machines but also keeps your customers satisfied and reduces the frequency with which you have to pay for repairs.

Promote your laundry service

Get the word out before your grand re-opening (or grand opening)!  The exterior and interior of a laundromat can both benefit from new signage, posters, and paint. However, physical promotion is only the beginning.  Establishing an online store has been shown to have the greatest impact.  Digital marketing can include everything from creating social media profiles to buying Google search ads.  In addition, operators claim to have had great success with postcard and leaflet campaigns targeting local clients.

Upgrading to newer, more efficient commercial laundry equipment is a great way for entrepreneurs looking for a recession-proof and viable business. Investing in a laundromat remodel can boost your bottom line, your reputation, and your brand’s appeal.