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Surprising Ways Small Businesses Can Benefit From Virtualization


Businesses depend on servers to cater to their technology needs. Initially, companies relied on a single business server for a house operating system. Today, people rely on data center consolidation by third party providers like CentricsIT to make it easier to run their businesses. Virtualization plays a vital role in benefiting small businesses. Below are some of the benefits of virtualization to small businesses;

Prepare to Move to the Cloud

Virtual servers transfer information from physical servers and enable its transfer from one server to another, or even from one data center to another without difficulties. This is called data center migration. Virtualization makes businesses bring together their memory, storage, network, and computing. This is resource distribution, and it is one of the advantages of running a business from a cloud environment.

Save Money

Virtualization helps small businesses to save money no matter how small they are. This is because there is no need to purchase and host several servers on a single premise. It is possible to integrate many virtual servers from a single physical server, realizing less space with more power. These virtual servers function as physical servers, and they can run operating systems. There is also no need for a physical presence that needs attention and time from team members.

Increase Team Productivity

Virtualization helps in increased team productivity. Because of virtualization, the IT team is free to do other jobs because few servers on the business center constitute few machines for management. In small businesses, it’s common that employees are made to perform many different tasks; if the IT personnel is doing double work, virtualization will offer them a lot of time to focus on their primary role.

Improves Disaster Recovery

Virtualization helps ease the issues faced during disaster recovery. This will save the expenses and time because you will not be replacing a physical machine if you’re using a virtual server. It’ll only involve recovering your company’s virtual server online, and that can take a few hours.

Gain Live Migration, Minimal Downtime

Virtual servers enable small businesses to do live migration. This is instantly transferring information from one server to the other. This means that there is no wasted time in the process of serving customers.

Improve Provisioning and Deployment

A physical server may take hours for the deployment and provisioning process, while it would just take a few minutes with a virtual server. This speed is essential for small businesses that are undergoing expansion. As your business grows, your physical office does not need to grow to accommodate more machines.

Untether your business

When employees are working remotely, they can have access to their desktops through client hypervisors.  They can use the same programs the similar way they do in the office. This can be made possible through hypervisors, software placed on mobile devices like tablets. With a hypervisor, work can be captured and stored locally. This means, in case an employee losses connectivity, they can still access their data.

In current economic times, small businesses need to embrace emerging technology that ensures new business opportunities. Virtualization enables IT personnel to be very flexible, just as your business needs to be.