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The Best Online Employee Training Programs  

As we head towards a world where remote work is more prevalent, it’s high time employers begin adjusting to the work-from-home setup now. This includes conducting programs like compliance training courses virtually to ensure all employees are knowledgeable on their duties, responsibilities, as well as the rules and regulations of the workforce and government, even when out of the physical office.

Understandably, employers will find it challenging to keep employees engaged and interested in the training programs built for them. That’s why there are platforms like True Office Learning that provide flexible packages to help equip employees with skills and knowledge detrimental to the organization.

Besides that, there are more online training programs and platforms that offer courses for further employee boost productivity! Here are other online employee training programs your organization can consider availing:

  1. EdApp

EdApp is a training platform showcasing user-friendly tools that help with the overall training experience. It’s a mobile-first solution that many organizations use to help with team development.

The platform offers a variety of tools to help organizations develop and conduct online training and courses. There are various templates and readymade content to make training easy to create and engaging for employees. One can involve gamification and rewards systems for more interactivity.

  1. Coursera

Coursera is one of the most popular platforms filled with courses given by experts in organizations and universities. There are thousands of courses related to business, informatics, sciences, and more.

The platform allows employers to materialize business goals through upskilling staff. When companies invest in learning solutions, the more well-equipped their employees are, which drives up the productivity and value they have for the business.

  1. eDX

eDX is another platform with a variety of courses employees can take advantage of. There are in-demand topics created and posted by partner companies and member universities for learners.

Enterprises can avail eDX and customize a training plan based on their goals and needs. Furthermore, employers can provide premium accounts for their employees to take advantage of and learn from the many courses offered on the platform. Many lessons include science, business, personality development, and the like.

  1. GoSkills

This platform allows employers and employees to manage, track, and assign course content. You can use the platform to encourage employees to finish their training and courses by using a gamification and reward system. That way, employees have fun while learning more.

Some features include microlearning, training reports, and gamification systems with free and paid plans available.

  1. Trainual

This is an online training solution specifically made for training and onboarding employees. Many use this as a document management platform when training their staff.

Here, you will need to create your courses, which you can personalize using the platform’s free templates. Then, the finished program can be sent to employees with learning materials they can access on various devices and operating systems.

Wrapping It Up

There are many ways your employees can continue honing their knowledge and skills to become better at work! Try any of the platforms mentioned above and let your employees begin learning more.