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What is vinyl motorcycle wrap?

Vinyl motorcycle wrap is an ultra-thick, ultra-sticky, ultra-clear, non-printable protective laminate designed for motorcycle fuel tank and helmet wrapping. The soft vinyl wrap motorcycle helmet can well wrap your motorcycle’s large and uneven fuel tank and various undulating motorcycle corners.

The overall thickness of vinyl motorcycle wrap is 300mic, which can perfectly protect the motorcycle fuel tank from damage under off-road conditions. Even if the surface of vinyl wrap motorcycle helmet is scratched and damaged, it will not damage the internal surface of the motorcycle.

Vinyl wrap for motorcycle itself is a roll of high transparent protective laminate material, there is no possibility of printing, so LK200 motorcycle vinyl wrap can be used together with BK111 printable motorcycle vinyl wrap which can be printed with any graphics to customize and beautify your motorcycle, not only beautify the aesthetic view of customers on the surface of the motorcycle, Also protects printed graphics from damage and fading.

The main purpose of LK200 vinyl wrap motorcycle is to protect the motorcycle fuel tank and BK111 printable vinyl wrap motorcycle, and play the role of protection, damage prevention, waterproof, sun protection, etc. The focus of motorcycle tank wrap products is ultra-high viscosity, printability and soft ductility; the focus of vinyl wrap motorcycle tank is 300mic ultra-thick anti-damage.

In order to ensure that the two products of BK111 printable motorcycle wrapand LK200 vinyl wrap motorcycle tank can be bonded more firmly and will not cause separation during use, a high-viscosity and strong adhesive is added to the design of motorcycle wrap. Therefore, the motorcycle film can be firmly attached to the motorcycle for a long time after use without falling off.

The overall thickness of the motorcycle film is 300mic, and it has the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof and sunscreen, so when it is used outdoors for a long time, the vinyl motorcycle film also has excellent protection performance.

In addition, according to the preferences of different customers, this motorcycle graphic composite film provides two options of matte and glossy, which can increase the gloss of the printed pattern to a certain extent; the matte surface can increase friction and improve the anti-skid property of the surface.