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Darren and Mike: A Guide To Choosing An Online Business Coach

[Alt. text: A picture of an online entrepreneur working on her online business on her laptop, sitting at a table with the help of Darren and Mike.]

Are you a budding or established online business owner who wants to transform how you handle your sales, marketing, conflict resolution, time and team management, and more? It would help if you had a business coach like Darren and Mike for actionable guidance that allows your business to grow.

But how do you choose a suitable business coach? With many people claiming to be business consultants, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when making the right choice. Let’s dive into things to keenly look at to find a business coach ideal for you and your business. 

Focus on The Experience and Knowledge

Has your coach operated an online business before? How many years has the coach worked in the consultancy industry? These questions allow you to choose someone who knows their job. 

A coach that runs a successful online venture is worth your time. That means they have first-hand experience in how to run a business.

Experience in consultancy showcases knowledge and exposure. Someone who has dealt with many entrepreneurs knows what has worked in various instances and will have an easy time giving solutions that work. Something that your internal team might need help to achieve, especially when they have not encountered demanding instances.

A coach like the Darren and Mike online business consultants will find it easy to customize a solution based on your business needs. They also address you without fear or favor. You can be assured that your situation will get the attention it deserves with an experienced coach.

Know Their Specialty Areas

Decide who you want to onboard based on the nature of the business or personal needs and your coach’s knowledge in that field. For example, Darren and Mike’s MLM team have spent many years in multi-level marketing. 

If your business doesn’t require specialized service, a generic business coach will help. The most common specialties are life coaching, internal and organization coaching, and leadership and executive coaching.

Confirm the Values of Your Preferred Coach

Get to know the personality and work values of the person you want to deal with. Hiring someone blindly without looking into their virtues might result in frustration. 

The coach’s impact on you and your enterprise highly depends on their core values. First, does the coach prioritize the payments you offer more than the services? It would be best if you avoided such people. 

An ideal coach focuses more on service delivery, keeps time, communicates well, bonds with business professionals, knows their art, and offers custom assistance to a business at hand. More so, perfect coaches follow up on their clients to ensure the support and advice given work.

Darren and Mike – How the Coaching Duo Helps Online Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Dreams 

A picture of an online entrepreneur working at their desk to build their online business with Darren and Mike.

Darren and Mike Dream Team comes in when many online businesses need expert consultancy services to thrive in the highly competitive marketplace. Having been in the consulting space for nearly ten years, it’s evident that the duo knows what most businesses need and are ready to help by mentoring them on various ways to grow their businesses.

Darren and Mike’s presence on various digital platforms makes them accessible to different prospects worldwide. What specific things does the duo do during coaching to ensure the business achieves its dreams? While there’s so much involved, here is what to expect.

Comprehensive Business Coaching for Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Startups, and Existing Businesses

Aspiring Entrepreneurs 

Darren and Mike’s online business has extensive coaching plans for those who want to join entrepreneurship. If you feel that your 9 to 5 job could be more varied and exciting at any point, starting an online business is a great alternative. 

Darren and Mike will make everything easy for you. You will know what is needed and how to start your dream online venture without spending far beyond your budget. More so, how to attract clients and keep your business scaling without employer or team member fatigue. 

The mentorship also suits those that want to venture online without quitting their jobs. With a particular focus on work-life balance, you will know how to keep running the business without sacrificing your job or getting into losses.  


As a startup, your expectations of the business might need to be clarified, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Stay calm and confident when things are in order. Darren and Mike will analyze your business by looking at the key performance indicators and coming up with a solution that you’ll love.

You’ll also know how to position your product and services for easy selling. Social media is another thing the duo is very passionate about. From Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to TikTok, startups can now know how to attract and convert leads in multiples. 

Existing Businesses

Existing businesses’ main challenge is not keeping up with the competition and inconsistent service delivery. Darren and Mike’s online business has consistently delivered quality services, and their client base continues to expand. 

Having served many customers, you can tell that Darren and Mike are the best team to seek knowledge from. Among the many things existing businesses learn during the coaching sessions are the most up-to-date tools to save on costs, improve efficiency, and scale revenue.

Darren and Mike Dream Team’s primary goal of helping businesses grow and operate on their terms has seen many online entrepreneurs live their best lives.