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Hiring an injury attorney in NH? Keep an eye on red flags

You were injured in a car accident in New Hampshire. You need help and want to recover compensation for your injuries because the other driver was definitely at fault. No matter the type of personal injury case you are dealing with, hiring an attorney is essential and should be among your first priorities. If you are hiring a personal injury attorney in NH for the first time, keep an eye on the red flags listed below.

  1. The injury attorney is unreachable or inaccessible. If an attorney doesn’t take your case on priority or their office doesn’t respond to your calls or emails, it is clearly a sign of the wrong attitude. While lawyers are expected to be busy, they must be available when clients need them.
  2. The injury attorney offers a guarantee. While lawyers are known to turn cases around, it is important to understand that many aspects of personal injury cases are beyond their control. If an attorney offers a guarantee on the claim or promises a specific result, they are certainly lying and talking about things that they probably don’t understand.
  3. The injury attorney wants a consultation fee. Personal injury law firms in NH don’t ask for a free to review of a case or offer consultation services. If you are expected to pay a fee to see the lawyer or discuss the case, consider that as a warning sign. You should be able to meet the lawyer and interview them before you pay anything.
  4. The injury attorney has terrible reviews. Ratings and reviews posted by other clients often help sort lawyers and law firms. If you find that a lawyer has too many bad reviews or poor ratings on independent websites, do not hire them. People are more likely to post a negative review than a positive one, but even with that theory, negative ratings are a red flag.
  5. The injury attorney expects an hourly rate or upfront fee. Taking up personal injury lawyers on a contingency fee is a norm. The lawyer gets a share only when you get a settlement. There are no hourly rates or upfront fees involved. If you are being asked to pay immediately, do not consider that option.

Finally, don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t want to answer your queries. A skilled and seasoned injury attorney knows that clients need to know every aspect of the case and will be open to taking questions.