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How To Host A Successful In-Person Event After The Pandemic?

With the pandemic slowly receding, it is time for companies, small organizations, foundations, and for the corporate world to transition from virtual events to in-person events again. The excitement for in-person events is truly palpable, and people are looking forward to such occasions where they could interact with others, and socialize outside the screen they have been confined to for the past two years. 

While in-person events are truly gaining momentum everywhere, as an organizer it is your added responsibility to ensure that everyone stays safe and follows all the pandemic rules. And above all, your efforts towards hosting such an event will be truly appreciated by all.

Promote In-Person Events And Experience

There are various event interaction tools that you can use to promote your in-person event. Go for hosting polls and interactive sessions before the event to help people understand what the in-person experience would be like. A simple survey can play a great role in helping with your decision. In simple words, give people good reasons to attend the event. You could go for live entertainment, and arrange for good food from renowned restaurants. 

Pay A Lot Of Attention While Selecting Your Event Location

Cramped quarters and rooms are not ideal for hosting events anymore post-pandemic. You must ensure that the place has enough space so that people can socially distance themselves if they wish to. You could even go for an indoor-outdoor activity where activities would be held outside and lunch, dinner, or snacks would be organized inside. Check whether the location you are opting for still follows the Covid protocols or not (like asking for a vaccination certificate, using sanitizer and mask).

Due to Covid, nothing is certain anymore, so check whether, while selecting the location, you could opt for a flexible contract or not. This helps you to modify plans in case of certain unwanted situations. 

Provide Options For Participation

While some people are already looking forward to some physical events; however, there are some who are still not comfortable attending in-person events and taking part in celebrations. This is why it is important you do not make this a compulsory event where the invitees must come. Give options as to whether they would look to come or not. If it is a charity you can give people options for donating online, checks, through net banking, and by phone. 

If you plan on having live music or any form of entertainment, see if you can provide facilities like a live stream of the event for a discounted rate. Again, there would be people willing to donate without visiting the event, you should have that option too.

Make Contactless Technology and Sanitizer Mandatory

After the pandemic, people love to have sanitizers nearby and love contactless experiences while having food, shopping, or even attending an event. For your event, keep sanitizers nearby and use contactless technology for donating like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others. With various apps, you can easily send out invites, keep data protected, and also, avoid any form of contact. While some events have made masks not mandatory anymore, it is useful to keep some handy in case one needs them. 

Therefore, these are some of the ways by which you could host a physical event after the pandemic and make it a huge success. Votemo is one of the leading audience interaction tools which helps you make events engaging.