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Taking Gold from your watch


A lot of people have some sort of possession that you might be willing to sell but you aren’t quite sure if there is anyone who will buy it? Take a watch for instance. Whilst there are a lot of gold jewelry buyers that advertise their services all over the place. What about watches? Do jewelry buyers buy watches that are no longer being used, are old, or aren’t working?  

If you have a watch you think might give you a decent amount of cash, how do you go about selling it?

First things first what kind of watch do you have

Gold jewelry buyers also buy gold watches. The watch might not be made entirely of gold but there might be certain parts of it that are gold. A gold buyer would be interested in such a timepiece. Even if your watch does not work anymore or has lost its shine after being used for a long time, you can still make.

Which kind of watch are people more ready to part with?

Some watches have sentimental value. Some are timepieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. There are also high-end watches that you can sell for a tidy profit. If you can stand to part with your watch then you really should. There is no point in keeping it and having it take up space in your dresser or jewelry box when you can get money for it to use on something else that is of more use and higher value.

If it is something special to you or is a brand that appreciates with time maybe you should consider whether you want to sink more money into repairing it? Do you want to do that just for the sake of having something ticking on your wrist? It might do you good to sell to someone willing to buy it. When you realize you no longer have any use for that gold watch and you are willing to part with it find a gold buyer who will buy your watch at a fair market value.

What other options are there for you:

Repairing the thing

A watch is only good if it does what it is meant to do – tell time correctly. If you have one of those old pieces that were passed down to you or are considered vintage pieces, you might extract more money by repairing it and selling it to a watch enthusiast or private collector. Watches are like gold coins, there is a whole community of watch enthusiasts who collect them. In this case, repairing it will make more sense as it will fetch a higher price if it is in working order.

Sell the whole thing to a precious metal dealer

Gold buyers will buy gold watches whether they are working or not. A precious metal buyer will be able to recycle the gold that is in the watch. The watch doesn’t even have to be entirely made of gold. They can dismantle a watch and sell gold pieces. They will pay you for the parts that are gold. Here’s an option. Most gold watches have gold located on the band. You could simply sell the band and keep the other part of the watch. You can replace the band later. This option is also great if your band is broken. Gold jewelry buyers do not mind you selling bands to them.

Work out a plan of action

There really is no point in keeping a broken gold timepiece or not using the one valuable thing you have in your safe if you aren’t even using it. As you clean out your jewelry box to get rid of all the unwanted and broken gold jewelry pieces, you should consider trading that watch as well and get some value out of it.