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7 Sustainable Packaging Ideas for 2022

Based on IBM’s report, six out of ten consumers surveyed are willing to adopt more environmentally-friendly shopping habits. With the results, consumers are expected to be more aware of how their choices of purchase affect environmental sustainability.

Accordingly, more and more consumers are willing to pay for goods and services from sustainable companies. This recent trend in consumer behavior prompted many businesses to adopt more sustainable business practices, specifically using environmentally-friendly packaging.

Many people are eco-conscious and they care about sustainable packaging because of their concern about the environment. Therefore, they are willing to support companies that share their sentiments.

Aside from that, many brands shift to sustainable packaging for many reasons, including reducing carbon footprints, reducing waste, considering corporate social responsibility, and increasing sales.

Sustainable packaging refers to any packaging that provides a reduced environmental impact. It addresses ecological concerns related to the harmful life cycle of packaging. Ideally, it should be sourced responsibly, designed safe and effective, made from renewable energy, reusable, and recyclable at the end of its lifetime.

With the increasing demand of consumers to use sustainable packaging, the competition between businesses has become more cut-throat. Remaining competitive would mean going beyond using a paper bag for packaging.

Companies must consider turning a plain brown paper bag into something more creative to establish brand identity and set them apart from competitors.Businesses can choose to have a minimalist design to keep everything simple, for starters.

Despite its simplicity, it can effectively convey a brand’s message instantly. Aside from that, companies can also benefit from its cost-effectiveness. While many do not prefer this type of packaging, many environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate minimalist and sustainable packaging. 

Shifting to sustainable packaging is a significant step in eliminating non-eco-friendly practices and suppliers.

To learn more, click this infographic from Bagitan Packaging that discusses the 7 sustainable packaging ideas for 2022.