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Essential Do’s and Don’ts After a Motorbike Mishap in Georgia

According to the 2021 estimates, about 4200 motorbike accidents were reported in Georgia with over 150 fatalities and 2700 injuries. These figures drive attention to the excessive number of motorbike accidents that take place frequently. 

Considering the high probability of a motorbike accidents occurring in Georgia, it becomes quintessential getting acquainted with the do’s and don’ts at the occurrence of a motorbike mishap. 

Here, we will explore some of them! 


1] Asses danger

First and foremost, if anyone has sustained an injury; instantly seek medical help. Post crash hazards like fire, collapse of damaged structure, being struck by another vehicle; are not uncommon. Get every person away from the accident site to prevent secondary impact. 

2] Retrieve valuables 

 Think at top of the head and ensure you get all the valuables out safely. Your motorbike might stay in the location for a while and you do not want to deal with theft in addition to the already distressing scenario. 

3] Gather evidence 

Take pictures, videos of the accident site including the vehicles and injuries. Take note of the vehicle number, name, address, and number of the people involved and even the witnesses. Absolutely do not flee from the site as according to the Law Book of Georgia, it is mandatory to remain at the scene.

4] Call the Police 

Dial 911 as quickly as possible and file police report. The police report can be extremely helpful when it comes to getting compensation. 

5] Hire an attorney 

By hiring an attorney, you can avoid mistakes from the start as they can streamline the entire process for you while abiding by all the laws. 

6] Notify your insurance company

To get appropriate coverage, certain notice provisions are required in Georgia. So, ensure you rightly report to your insurance company to avoid future hindrances. 


1] According Georgia’s legal system, any gaps in medical care can be used against you to nullify your injury claims. The opposition can suggest that the injury resulted due to some subsequent event instead of the accident; so, avoid gaps in your treatment and do not tough it out. 

2] Do not allow the opponent’s insurer to access your records or provide them statement.

All in all; do not be overwhelmed. Stay alert, be aware and have an attorney by your side. They will see beyond what you do, save you from erroneous decisions and get you closer to winning the claim.