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How Do You Get Rid of Pests in Commercial Places?

The best way to keep the pests away from your places, be it your home or office, is to block any chances of their entrance in the first place. Taking measures and precautions against pest infestation should be one of the main concerns of the maintenance department. The pests come with a huge baggage of disease-spreading causes, dirt, and filth. If a customer sees a pest in your office, they might not return and will have a bad impression of you. Also, pests in offices will hamper your work productivity and concentration. If the infestation has gone out of hand, contact San Antonio pest services. Some tips that can help you get rid of pests are jotted down below, have a quick look.

Identify the Hidden Places

The first step is to search for their hiding place in the nooks and corners. They love eating what you eat, so keep a strict watch in the kitchen and trash cans. The other common area where they are found is in bathrooms, as there is waste and water in the bathrooms. Also, have a look behind the furniture to get a clue of their presence. Owing to their small size, they often take refuge in the small pipes, cracks, and holes. Identify such places and seal them. 


Extremely cluttered office space will not only invite in pests but also hamper your productivity and motivation. Disorganized stores in the office are extremely preferred places for rodents, cockroaches, and termites. Do not let food lay around anywhere or get stale, as it will invite the pest over for a feast. Keep food locked in air-tight places and refrigerators. Clean the microwaves and fridge once in a while. 

Spread awareness

Enlighten your employees about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Encourage them to keep the places clean. Also, let them know about the harmful effects of an unclean environment. 

Annual or Semi-annual Deep Cleaning

Once or twice every year make sure that the maintenance department is cleaning the premises of your office to declutter, clean, and inspect the presence of pests. This will not allow the pests to settle down comfortably and multiply. Any sight of pests can easily be eliminated.

Ending Note

These measures will have a 100% effect if followed consistently. If your office has pests, there are chances that you might carry some with you into your home and create a huge chance for pest infestation.