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About Tobias Nagel, Winzerhof Nagel Wine

Tobias Nagel, Winzerhof Nagel and his family grow wine with great passion and dedication. He Winzerhof Nagel recognized them as real Franks. He feels a strong connection to his homeland of Franky and Dettelbach. This is also reflected in their winery. Each individual tells its own story and has its own personality depending on the terroir and development, classic or modern.

Tobias Nagal motto: “They are open to new things, but they also rely on the proven”.

Steel nail or wooden nail

While steel nails are more straightforward and easy to drink (open and enjoy), Winzerhof Nagel wooden nails are complex and multilayered.

Steel nails, as the name suggests, are developed in steel tanks and mostly of one type. These Winzerhof Nagel wines are uncomplicated, fruity and sparkling and ideal terrace wines for immediate enjoyment. It is perfect for solo drinking without having to eat a lot.

Wood nails were who would have thought, matured in wooden barrels and bring with them more mature aromas and complexity. This means that these are winery that you should spend more time with to fully enjoy them. This winemaker in dettelbach also has aging potential and will only improve over time under the right conditions.

They will be seeing a lot more of the Holznagel series in the future as Tobias Nagal secretly has a great passion for wood cask winery and will be more involved in the future and expanding his wines accordingly.

Quality over quantity

Winzerhof Nagel Father and son are already an established team of winemaker’s farm. Tobias Nagal new ideas are successfully combined and implemented with father Roland’s experience. This is also well represented in the new collection of steel nails and wooden nails. Father and son share a love of winery, nature and their native Francia, and you can taste it.

It’s no accident that the Tobias Nagal wines taste so good because quality takes precedence over quantity and the focus is on time rather than technology and chemistry.

In the vineyard, wine guide germany care is taken not to produce too many grapes and not to overwork the plants. This way winemaker’s farm, enough energy and nutrients can get into the fruit for many, many years.

Tobias Nagal, Winzerhof Nagel lets nature take its course and needs little intervention. Live and let live is the Tobias Nagal motto. It controlled waiting, always in harmony with nature. Due to the species rich greenery, small buzzing insect helpers naturally come to his aid. Thoughtful handling of the vineyard ecosystem is a matter of course for the family and the basis for their quality vines and wines.

Guest room and vineyard tour

With great attention to detail the rooms are furnished. Prices are around €70 per night. Parking is possible right in the yard and makes parking much easier as the streets in Dettelbach are very narrow. (But what makes a wine village magical).


For breakfast, a lovingly prepared breakfast with regional products, homemade jams and much more. So an ideal start to explore the idyllic Dettelbach or to tour the wine franconia dettelbach vineyards. Tours of the vineyards wine tasting franken with French refreshments in the wine cellar can also be booked directly at the farm.

In the evening, their courtyard invites you to end the day with (or more) bottles of winery nagal. It’s great to linger in the relaxed atmosphere under the grape arbor. A visit to the Winzerhof Nagel in Franconia is definitely worth it!

Vineyard Nagal Dettelbach winery

They, the Winzerhof Nagel family, grow wine with passion, dedication and love. They feel a strong connection to their homeland of wine franconia dettelbach and Dettelbach. This is reflected in their Dettelbach winery wines. Each individual tells their own story.

They are open to new things, but they also rely on the proven.

New ideas

They take over new ideas from their son Tobias Nagal, successfully implement them and combine them with winemaker in dettelbach father Roland’s experience. In their new collection Dettelbach winery, this is well represented by their steel nail, anchor nail and wooden nail. Father and son share a love for winery nagal, nature and their Frankish homeland. There are many wine guide germany individual components that are important in making individual, distinctive winery nagal, they combine them all and try to give them a greater enjoyment of the wine.

The vineyard wine tasting franken thanks them for this love and dedication not only with beautiful grapes, but also by telling them its story year after year.