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Is DIY Digital Marketing Better For Your Business?

Digital marketing is essential but the question arises whether to do it yourself or hire an agency. Online marketing has to be based on strategic thinking that will set the quality for short and long-term online promotion initiatives. So, before you get to know the pros and cons of DIY online marketing here are a couple of questions to ponder.

Are you clear about which online marketing strategy is good for your business?

The Digital marketing approach is also called as growth marketing, inbound marketing, guest blogging, and content marketing. These are all the activities that fall under the well-planned strategic frameworks. For example, an inbound framework is suitable to nurture total strangers into visitors and then to convert the leads into customers. 

Retiling is connected with fast-moving customer goods, where you will need to consider a penetration strategy. Business needs differ and each one needs a little different approach to engage with its target audiences. Online marketing offers a targeted and measurable approach. Identify what your focus must be and your goal achievement criteria if you choose to go DIY.

Do you have the skill set and competence essential for successful DIY online marketing?

Early confrontation of whether you have the skill set essential to consistently run an effective online marketing campaign. The core capability includes –

  • In-depth understanding of the involved tools and processes.
  • Time availability 

Continuity is the core of online marketing strategy. There is no set & forget activity because effort consistency is crucial to building engagement, followers, and authority on search engines. Marketing of every form needs to be customer-centric and not about your product pitch. 

For better conversion rates you need to create and promote content consistently. You need to think about everything ranging from content writing to SEO to digital PR to promotion that needs to be handled daily along with operating your core business growth activities.

Pros of DIY online marketing

  • With direct control, you gain quality assurance of marketing tools and materials to be used. With direct responsibility for sourcing marketing materials you know they are accessible whenever needed.
  • You are aware of the structure of your business. With in-depth knowledge, you take steps to maximize results from the efforts. As you see the optimistic results, it helps to boost productivity further. 
  • Direct costs can be reduced with DIY online marketing.
  • Flexibility and adaptableness to changes. Leverage speed to action as changes happen and reduce risks.

Cons of DIY online marketing

  • Indirect costs associated are loss of productivity in core areas, extra office equipment, marketing software & upgrades, etc. making DIY financially inefficient.
  • It cuts the time and energy that is needed to be spent on business expansion.
  • You don’t have the experience or the analytical skill to determine your online market efforts’ success level.
  • You lose objective perception as you work closely and miss focus on areas, which need improvement.  
  • You know the marketing materials and tools needed but lack the skills to use them correctly. 

Assess business needs and your internal capabilities to attain goals along with the cost. You will come to a solution!