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Hiring a Bellevue Car Accident Attorney: When It is Necessary

Being in an auto accident can be a horrific experience. With all the chaos going on, you may not be able to think clearly about what to do. You can avoid making mistakes at this stage by contacting an auto accident attorney in Bellevue as soon as possible. This is particularly important if somebody else is responsible for the accident and you sustained serious injuries. 

Why You Need an Accident Attorney

A car accident lawyer can help you pursue maximum compensation and ensure the insurance company won’t take advantage of you. Hiring them is a good decision because of these reasons:

  • They offer legal advice. A lawyer can give you advice on how you should handle your case to avoid mistakes. Also, they will tell you to avoid communicating with an insurance adjuster as you might end up saying something that can be used against you later. 
  • They conduct investigations. In some instances, you may not possess all evidence and facts necessary for your claim. Also, you probably don’t have the expertise to investigate your accident. A lawyer will investigate your accident to collect important evidence that can be used to support and strengthen your claim. Also, they can work with a private investigator and an accident reconstructionist to establish more evidence. 
  • Increase your chances of getting high compensation. Your attorney will negotiate a fair settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and won’t settle for less than what you deserve. They will consider several factors such as the seriousness of your case, the wages you lost because of your injuries, and your other damages to come up with an estimate of your claim’s value. Insurance adjusters won’t be able to take advantage of your situation if you have a lawyer handling your case. 
  • They offer legal representation. If settlement negotiations with the insurance company do not succeed, your case may need to go to trial. In court, your attorney will represent you and provide the necessary evidence to convince the jury or judge that you deserve a certain amount of compensation. 

When to Hire an Attorney

Hiring a car accident attorney is a must if you sustained serious injuries. These injuries can have lifelong complications and can require ongoing medical care. To relieve yourself of the financial burden, you need an attorney who can help you pursue compensation for past, current, and future medical expenses and losses. In addition, you especially need an attorney if the insurance company is taking your claim lightly.