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How Ryan Kavanaugh Crushed It with Triller After a Series of Setbacks

Many people would not have the mental fortitude to endure what Ryan Kavanaugh has in the past several years, much less emerge from them more successful than ever. His first big blow came back in 2016 when he had to shut down Relativity Media. Despite doing everything he could to keep the company alive, the cards seemed stacked against him at every turn. Business partners would not commit, banks pulled financing, and it seemed everyone else involved wanted the profits earned by the media company without putting in the hard work necessary to make it succeed.

Kavanaugh also struggled in his personal life after closing Relativity Media. He had numerous health struggles, went through a divorce, and had other business ventures fail before striking it big with Triller. Three years after closing the doors of Relativity Media for good, he decided to increase his financial investment in Triller to become the social media video-sharing app’s majority shareholder. He was only in his early 40s at the time with many more years ahead of him to pursue business success.

Kavanaugh Invests Personal Finances in Triller and Launches a Fight Club

From the moment he became the majority shareholder of Triller three years ago, Kavanaugh knew he would need to invest money to make money. He put $28 million on the line to make the app more competitive with TikTok, the world’s leading social media and video-sharing app. Triller became the second-leading app of its kind in under two years thanks to Kavanaugh’s investment and leadership.

Kavanaugh saw a need for new content, especially with sports offerings. He soon developed the Triller Fight Club in hopes of getting people to follow boxing the way they once did. The first boxing match he arranged and broadcast took place between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones, Jr. in November 2020. The performance also included musical performances, celebrity appearances, and a half-dozen other boxing matches. Before the first fight even premiered, Kavanaugh had attracted some big names as new investors in the Triller Fight Club. These included:

  • Snoop Dog
  • Swae Lee
  • French Montana
  • YG
  • Wiz Kalifa
  • Ne-Yo

Approximately 30 million people tuned in for the first Triller Fight Club broadcast, with 1.6 audience members hailing from the United States. The pay per view event cost viewers $49.99 to watch. Encouraged by the success of the event, Kavanaugh set up the next fight for April 2021 between Jake Paul and Ben Askren. Going forward, he plans to broadcast six fights per year featuring some of the most recognizable names in boxing. The broadcasts will follow the same format as the Tyson-Jones, Jr. and Paul-Askren fights.

Triller Attracts Leading Musical Talent

Ryan Kavanaugh has also stepped up Triller’s game when it comes to bringing highly-ranked musicians onto the platform. Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keyes, Cardi B, and Eminem are some recent examples. He loves where his life is today and looks forward to developing Triller into the leading social media video-sharing app in the world.