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OEE Definition A Great Way To Develop Your System Performance

This is a must need in the process of manufacturing. This OEE Definition data will gives you the exact amount of time consumed or exact amount of good produced within the certain time. There are various type of manufacturing process happened worldwide. To know the flaw in the system this process is most needed.

OEE definition

The definition of OEE is that, it is the percentage of manufacturing of goods within the certain time. It is a metric performance or KPI that combines the measurement of availability, performance & quality. If a goods OEE is 100% that means the machine is not stationary for a single amount of time within the production hour. This will be used to evaluate the performance of the plants. This is a tool to evaluate each and every flaw in the plant performance and check them within certain time to achieve a good OEE percentage. There are certain things which need to be accepted as idle to maintain a good score of OEE.

Also it is worth noticeable that, the OEE score must be within certain limits. There are something called oee sap which are in excel format, this will be used to study the institute overall performance and the benchmark it achieved over the year. The dash board of this SAP shows each and every data for the last several years. This helps to analyze through software about the performance of the easy oee over the year. This are send as PDF to other institute to evaluate the data. Also it is uploaded in the cloud for further improvement.

How to calculate the overall equipment efficiency

There is certain calculation to evaluate the value of Overall equipment efficiency. But you need to know some of the basic to find out the exact value of overall equipment efficiency. The definition shows that it has evaluated as percentage.

The main formula to calculate the OEE is fully proactive time a machine can achieve divided by the actual time of production of the machine. This can be mathematically says like,

Overall equipment efficiency = Fully production time / planned production time.

                                                = (Good count X Idle cycle time) / planned production time.

This wiki is the best way to find the Overall equipment efficiency of the institute. But there is something that is not evaluated by this formula that are, availability, performance, Quality.


This is the machine exact run time that can be provided by this formula. The machine is available for how many minutes that are the only thing it calculate.  The formula for this is actual run time divided by planned run time. The mathematical expression is,

Availability = actual run time / planned run time.

The actual run time is the one which is calculated as the difference between the planed run time and the time machine stopped. This is mostly related to the time when machine is at full stop. This will help you to realize that how much time the machine or the factory losses in the form of stop time. The mathematical expression for it is

Actual run time= Planned run time – stop time.

Performance – this is the performance achieved by the machine within the actual run time. Which is evaluated by net run time to run time, the net run time included slow run time & stop time. The mathematical expression is,

Performance = (idle cycle time X total count)/ run time.

Idle cycle time is the fastest time of cycle that can be achieved in optimal circumstances. That will be multiplied by the total cycle count.

Quality – Quality takes into account when there are certain parts which can be produced directly from the machine and does not need any extra care after the machining process.

The value to evaluate this is, good count to total count. Mathematically to express this ,

Quality = Good count / total part count.

All of the above three are taken into account when we want to find the Overall equipment efficiency. The formula is as shown,

Overall equipment efficiency = availability X performance X Quality

= (actual run time / planned run time) X (idle cycle time X total count)/ run time X (good count /total count).

= actual run time X idle cycle time X total count X good count/ planned run time X run time X total count

= idle cycle time X good count / Planned run time.


Overall equipment efficiency= idle cycle time X good count / Planned run time